YOGA is Big in San Juan del Sur

Looking for a yoga class, a private lesson, a teacher training course? Let us help you find the best options for you.

Yoga has definitely made it’s way to our lovely laid back fishing town. We have a variety of options now and many instructors from abroad who enjoy coming to town for a Destination Yoga Package or two every so often.

Drop in class usually costs anywhere from $8 to $12 dollars depending on where you decide to go.  A private class usually rings $15 to $20 per person with a 3 person minimum. Prices vary according to instructor, location and level. For lessons in more distant locations, a transport cost for the instructor may be incurred.

However, on a day to day basis, there are a few places to practice Yoga in San Juan del Sur, this schedule from (2012) below is a published schedule for one of the most central locations. As you can see there is a variety of classes offered on a regular basis. These trainers also bring in international  trainers for certification courses.

We at RE/MAX love attending these yoga classes and hope you will too.

Zen Yoga Studio