Why Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is conveniently positioned in the heart of the Americas, making it very accessible via direct flights from multiple US airports and Central American airport hubs like El Salvador Taca hub and Panama’s Copa Hub. So why Nicaragua? well among a few reasons, the country’s tourism industry has experienced exponential growth for more than 6 consecutive years thanks to its exciting tourims activities and natural gifts. INTUR the national tourism board has also played an important part in getting the world to notice Nicaragua by playing an active role in promoting the country to its audience.

So Why Nicaragua Today?

Many people visit Nicaragua for its world class surf, fishing, enchanting colonial cities, pristine coast lines, fresh water lakes, rivers, volcanoes and its amazingly kind people. Couple this with the country’s historically rich culture and its growing stable economy, it’s no wonder we are taking a second look at Nicaragua!

The country is expecting growth in coming years and we are all certain that the countries hopeful perspective on the world will be what makes the difference in your vision of Nicaragua today.

So why hasn’t Nicaragua been discovered? It Has! You just did, although its real estate is relatively undiscovered compared to other Central American markets, the real estate boom has much to offer. This haven we know and Nicaragua has also been set up with many attractive bonuses for retirees, investors and entrepreneurs.

Tell me more, what is Nicaragua Like?