Tours and Activities

There are a variety of Tours, Activities and much more to do in and Around the San Juan del Sur Area. There are always various activities for kids, tourists and residents alike to enjoy. There are weekly scheduled events, holidays events Sporadic Beach Fun events and more.

For a more detailed list of what’s available in and around San Juan del Sur on a regular basis, please click here and check out our  ABC’s of San Juan del Sur shortlist of everything we could think of around here, including but not limited to Happy Hours, Day Trip Options and much much more. Please feel free to contact us if we forgot something that you believe should be on our list =)

Tours and Activities Available in the San Juan del Sur Area

RE/MAX Concierge Team recommends you reserve your tours at least 3 days in advance and those with an asterisk (*) we recommend you reserve at minimum a week in advance to ensure availability. Those items with a double asterisk (**) may require additional transportation costs. Please contact your RE/MAX Coastal Properties agent for assistance in reserving your Tours and Activities. Keep in mind that prices and schedules may vary until a 50% deposit is given. Should you decide to cancel a reserved activity the within 24 hours, full payment will still be due.

  • Canopy Tours                              $30 per person
  • Horseback Riding Tours*      $69 – 99 per person
  • Horseback Riding by hour    $20 per person
  • ATV Rental per hour                1 passenger $45 – 2 Passengers $55
  • ATV Tour 2 hours & min 2 bikes;  1 passenger $65 – 2 Passengers $75 (2 bike min tour)
  • Rappelling Tour                         $40 per person
  • Surf Lessons*                              $50 per person with 2 person minimum for 2 hours
  • Surf Lesson by the hour         $25 per person
  • Surf Tour by Boat*                   $285 per day
  • Scuba Diving – 2 tank dive    $90 per person with a 2-person minimum
  • Catamaran Sailing ½ Day      $75 per person
  • Catamaran Sailing Full Day  $110 per person
  • Fishing Tour 4 passenger      $75 per hour with a 4 hours minimum
  • Fishing Tour 10 passenger    $125 per hour with a 4 hours minimum
  • Night Fishing *                            $35 per person with 5-person minimum
  • Private Boat Trip ½ Day*       $300 for 4 hours
  • Private Boat Trip Full Day*   $500 for 8 hours
  • Luxury Boat Trip ½ Day*       $1,500 for 4 hours
  • Luxury Boat Trip Full Day*   $2,400 for 8 hours
  • Sunset Cruise                               $20 per person with 5-person minimum
  • Turtle Tour (Aug-Jan)             $30 per person with 5-person minimum
  • Yoga Class Drop in Rate          $10 per person
  • Yoga Private Lesson**              $15 per person with 3-person minimum
  • Massages in House**                $50 per 60 minute massage 2 massage minimum
  • Private Driver/Guide**           $40 per 8 hour day

If there are any Activities you would like that have not been listed here, please let us know and we will be happy to inquire for you with sufficient time.