Vacation Tips

We know how hard it is to plan to for the unknown. Vacation Tips are not that easy to come by in a foreign country. So we decided to put a couple of tips here for you. Only  thing is, In order to receive these, we ask that you sign up for our newsletter in the following link:

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RE/MAX Team Favorites

You can learn a great  deal of what is available when you here about local people’s favorite things to do.

How to Prepare for Nicaragua

It’s can be hard to prepare for a country when you don’t know what to expect.

Money in Nicaragua

Isn’t money always such an interesting subject to deal with when you are on vacation is a foreign country?

Driving and Transport

driving In Nicaragua is sometimes more of an adventure than you bargain for. The lack of road signs and infrastructure can be daunting for someone who has never visited un underdeveloped country. Good news is, it is almost just as hard to really get lost as it is to find your way in Nicaragua due to the lack of options in roads.

Grocery Stores?