Tourist Info

Here are some topics guests usually have questions about prior to their arrival:

How to Prepare for Nicaragua

Visiting a 3rd world country can be an interesting experience. We like to recommend a few things for guests to bring when traveling to Nicaragua. Please click here for more information.


How can I get to Nicaragua? Driving, Bus systems, National Flights, Boats, Ferries and more.

Once you arrive you may be wondering what it is like to actually drive in Nicaragua.

Visa Information

Please contact your local government and or your travel agent and inquire about the documentation needed to travel from your destination to Nicaragua. Please keep in mind that visa’s may be required for countries where you will travel through in transit. For detailed information on what is required to enter Nicaragua, please visit the following Nicaragua’s Governmental Page. Most foreigners must pay a $12 fee to enter the country at customs.

Tours and Activities

thinking of getting out on the water for some fishing or going on a horseback tour? There’s lots to do around here, take a look at the list of activities in available in San Juan del Sur.

ABC’s of San Juan del Sur

There is a lot going on in this little tourist town. The ABC’s of San Juan del Sur is the best way we could think of getting all this information to you as quickly as possible.