Transportation – Driving, Shuttles, Buses or Boats

Need some advice or help about driving or general transportation in Nicaragua? Most our guests say “Yes Please”! So here it goes. Drive carefully. You are entering a country (just as most 3rd world countries), whose general population does not know how to drive. So all the ideas you have about transit, like Maps, Transit signals and general driving etiquette is not like back home, so be aware.

Driving  Driving in Nicaragua Can be considered an adventure in of itself. Click here for a list of driving directions including from the national airport to San Juan del Sur and general driving does and don’t of Nicaragua.

Private Driver – we are happy to recommend a private driver who can meet you at the airport, help you receive your rental vehicle and drive your rental vehicle to San Juan del Sur for you so you don’t have to deal with the normal issues that arise when trying to find your way in a new country with very few road signs. If you’s like to reserve this service or get more information on hiring a private driver (who can also double as tour guide) for the day or just the airport pick, please contact me.

Shuttle Service There are a variety of shuttle service providers in San Juan del Sur. Click here for a list of service providers or contact us if you’d like us to help you make reservations via the concierge desk.

Car Rental There are a number of options for car rentals in Nicaragua, all the major chains are based out of the airport. There are also a few privately owned companies that offer a vehicle with a more classic and adventurous experience. Contact us if you’d like more information on any of these options.

Bus System the bus system in Nicaragua is not like in the States. Even nearby Costa Rica has a much more orderly system. That said, the experience of riding a bus in Nicaragua is one that you will either love (for the cultural experience provided) or hate (again because of the experience provided) immediately. Click here to learn more about the Nicaraguan Bus system and schedules.

Boats and Ferries there are a number of boat routes in Nicaragua. Lake Nicaragua and a number of rivers have boat routes leading to the Caribbean.

Transportation - Driving, Shuttles, Buses or Boats
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