Prepare for Nicaragua

Is this you first vacation to Nicaragua? Let us help you prepare for Nicaragua, it can be easy as long as you have a few tips. Below is some general information we like to send to guests prior to their arrival in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. This is not intended to be complete information needed prior to traveling to Nicaragua but some additional guidelines. Please check with your countries guidelines on traveling abroad and follow any advice given by your doctor and your government.

How to Prepare for Nicaragua

In San Juan del Sur, Cashiers checks are not widely accepted. Only certain banks branches accept them, none of which are located in the town.  Also, I do recommend you bring the following items:

  • sun tan lotion – we have very few options here so if you like a certain kind, you may want to bring it with you
  • bug repellent – Again, options are limited so please be aware if you have special requirements
  • general allergy medications, antihistamines and your personal daily medications
  • flash light with extra batteries lights may go out with no prior warning, not a big deal if you are prepared
  • light set of long sleeves in case the sun or bugs get to be a bit much on a certain day
  • good book =) Important for some!
  • WINE and Hard liquor are less expensive at the duty free at the airport in Nicaragua which you have access to as you arrive in the country (right next to the baggage pick up) and a better selection too (there isn’t much selection around here) so if you guys enjoy a good drink, stock up at the airport like all us locals =) Local rum by the bottle is pretty affordable almost every where including in SJDS =)
  • MONEY – if you plan on bringing US cash, please do not bring bills that are torn, ripped, stained, or written on. US Bills must be in good shape to be widely accepted in Nicaragua. Most vendors will accept US bills as long as they have enough change for you. The current exchange rate varies between C$23 and C$23.50  per US dollar, depending on the vendors need for US dollars. You will almost always receive change in Local Nicaraguan currency, Cordobas. There are 2 ATM’s in town that spew both US and Nicaraguan money. Please notify your bank that you will be traveling via email so that have a record of the notification. The exchange house in the airport is not the best option… they will give you a really bad exchange rate, you can exchange larger quantities of money at a local bank as long as you have a passport with you or Nicaraguan ID.

Let your RE/MAX Agent know if you we can help you’d like tips for anything else to prepare for Nicaragua.