Natural Beauty

Known as the Land of lakes and Volcanoes, a Natural Beauty, Nicaragua is located in the middle of Central America, just North of Costa Rica. It is a beautiful country, approximately the size of New York state with the second largest body of water in the Americas. It has striking Pacific coastline and abundant agricultural resources. The Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua is also gifted with islands just like many  many Caribbean well known locations with the advantage that it has both shallow and deep waters.

The country is also great in culture, which has been preserved throughout decades thru dance, art and poetry. Nicaragua is also known among other things, for its award winning coffee, smooth rum and tobacco. It’s hand made pottery, hard wood furniture and leather products are also not to be missed.

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western Hemisphere. Its people and the economy have been ravaged by decades of civil war from socio political instability caused by lack of education and healthcare coupled with natural disasters.

Today, Nicaragua is attracting worldwide attention. Improvements in Infrastructure, greater political stability and a tough stand on corruption have led the increased foreign investment and tourism. It has also been rated on of the safest countries to visit.

However, we believe the country’s greatest resource is its people.

So many of you may still be asking, Why Nicaragua?