Nicaragua is a beautiful and picturesque country with warm and beautiful people. But life in San Juan del Sur and Nicaragua in general is not for everyone. There must be a spirit of tranquility, flexibility and great entrepreneurship to fall in with the lifestyles here. Those of us who can’t imagine calling home another place and fallen in love with this beautiful country seem to fall into a few categories, here are some of those:

The Young Family

Most are quite surprised to see how many young expat families actually live full time and part time in San Juan del Sur. There is a school for young children that is currently growing into a bigger kid school named Adventures in learning which is based moderately on a Montessori style method.

The Adventurer

The young and/or mature non individual who enjoys living free of all ties, has the funds to enjoy life and subsist with little to no responsibilities. Yes we have a few here in town and they insist that Life is good in the tropics!

The Business Owner

You visit and fall in love with the Nicaragua, the lifestyle, the people, the traditions… now you have to find a way to stay here, so you start a business.

The Commuter

Have a remote job back home and all you need is a stable internet connection with the odd meeting but still want to live in Paradise? Lots of people are doing just this based out of San Juan del Sur.

The Good Samaritan

With so many Community outreach program, being a small scale or large scale philanthropist is an easy goal to achieve.  Giving back is part of what makes life in Nicaragua so enriching. The RE/MAX team enjoys taking part in the programs mentioned here.

Staying Fit

Some people decide to move to San Juan del Sur as a part of their life change and staying in shape is also important to them!


Finding a new hobby in a foreign country can be challenging but lots of our young retirees are doing just this!