Horseback Riding Tours

There is something to be said about riding a gorgeous horse down a beautiful beach. The freedom and experience as a whole is breathtaking. These Horseback Riding Tours are like none other I have ever experienced. Some people have this experience on their bucket lists… some people simply consider this a dream come true.

The Tour Operators at Rancho Chilamate are truly exceptional. They are couple from Canada who treat their horses as their extended family. Apart from witnessing this incredible relationship between the ranchers and the horses, the trails are fabulous.

Ideally located within riding distance to four (yes 4) secluded, gorgeous Pacific Ocean beaches. Running a horse on a beach is a dream for many … a regular reality for us. So if cantering on a beach with the wind in your hair, or walking your horse into the waves is a dream of yours… come make it a reality at the Rancho.

Reservations are required at least 2 days in advance. A reservation request maybe filled out and confirmation response will be pending.

Trails options include:


Duration: 2 and half+ hours – $59 per person

On this ride we will travel the back roads through the local barrio, into the forest on an old ox cart path to the spectacular beach and estuary of Escamequita. We almost always see Howler Monkeys on this ride 🙂


Duration: 2 and half+ hours – $69 per person

This is it… the quintessential ride off into the sunset! It’s sometimes weather dependent, but you would be amazed at the dramatic dance the sun can do with the clouds.


  • You will return to the ranch after dark, so you might consider reserving dinner and an overnight stay for this one. Check out the accommodation here at the ranch
  • And for you honeymooners and lovers, it’s the perfect ride for exotic tropical romantic sunset photos taken by resident professional photographer!


Duration: 3++ hours with lunch – $60 per person includes guided trail ride and lunch

Horseback is a truly intimate way to get in touch with your surroundings. En route to the beach we pass through the neighboring village, down back roads through the dry tropical forest to the beautiful Escamequita beach and lagoon. Walk your horse in the waves, canter down the beach and take in the majestic view of the cliffs and Costa Rica off in the distance. On the way back, we stop at the local restaurant Rancho Terre for lunch. It’s a great way to refuel and support the local businesses. We recommend the red snapper and tostones, but they make a darn good chicken burger too!


  • Pick up in San Juan at 10:00 am and you can expect to be back in town around 3:00 pm
  • If Rancho Tere is closed, lunch will be served poolside at the Ranch


Duration: 3+ hours – $60 per person

This is our most popular ride and for good reason. The first beach is Escamequita, a beach rarely visited by tourists and shared only with the locals surfcasting for dinner. Then it’s a jungle trail up and over the headlands to the wide, dreamlike sands of Playa Yankee. If you’ve ever imagined yourself cantering with the wind in your hair and waves crashing at your heels, this is the ride for you.