Grocery Stores?

Where do you buy food in San Juan del Sur? There are lots of places no one ever mentions to tourists, so let us give you the inside scoop, short and sweet. There are a few mayor shops to visit when doing a general grocery shopping in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Grocery Shopping

  • Sanchez Shops – these sisters have 2 convenience type stores which have become known for selling all the imported goods like olive oil, lentils, imported cheese, high grade coffee, specialty canned goods and more…
  • PALI – although it is owned by WALMART, I have to say, this store has brought sanity to grocery shopping in town. Lots of local and equate products found in Pali
  • Deli Shop – Mi Bodeguita is a locally owned and operated deli shop that sells great quality imported goods.
  • Pan de Vida – Pan De Vida is a brick oven bakery offering a fine selection of artisan breads and sweets. All of our baked goods are made by hand from the heart.
  • Local Cultural Market – a.k.a. the “stinky” market. If you want to have a true Nicaraguan shopping cultural experience, this is your place. This is also where you can get all the local fruits because they are grown in our back yards. Try the local fruit, support the local farmers… it’s tasty! Lots of backpackers enjoy full meals at the “comiderias” here too.
  • Farmer’s Market – Open only on Saturday mornings, local farmers set up right in front of the basket ball court in front of the beach by the board walk.
  • Fish Market – the local fish market is on the most southern end of the coastal road in San Juan del Sur. Right after the

Other specific items you should know about include:

  • LIQUOR: Buy as much imported liquor as you can at Duty FREE at the airport in MGA as you come in to the country. There are a few places you can purchase duty-free items right next to baggage claim. Otherwise we have a decent selection here in town but nothing to write home about. Check Sanchez shop for a variety of imported liqours.
  • RUM: Nicaragua is also known for its smooth RUM by Flor de Cana. I personally enjoy their white rum, Extra Lite. Most people I know drink the 7 year dark rum which nationally has a price of about $9 for a bottle of 750 ml. but some people often drink the 5 year dark rum… which I have never tasted… However, recently I was told the 4 year dark rum is great for spicing… so I am going to try that some time soon!!!
  • LETTUCE: you can buy a bag of baby green lettuce at Gato Negro coffee shop. Just ask at the counter for a bag a lettuce.
  • COFFEE: Fresh roasted Coffee available at Gato Negro although there are great brands that are mass-produced in country as well. Among my personal favorites are: Don PACO “QUETZAL”,  “EL PETEN”, Nica Organica and more..
  • CIGARS: Among the 12 categories for rating cigars, Nicaragua competes internationally in 9. Try some of the favorites and highest graded cigars: Joya de Nicaragua, found at Barrio Cafe in San Juan del Sur. EL PADRON the best of the best nationally can only be purchased at the plant in Esteli where they are manufactured or at the airport Kiosk in the departures section.

If there is anything else you’d like to learn more of, please leave a comment =)