Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever traveled to Nicaragua? No worries if this is your first time. Here are answers to so many frequently asked questions about anything and everything before taking a Vacation in Nicaragua.


Currency, cash, credit cards, ATM’s or Traveler’s Checks?

A: Personally, I suggest keeping the majority of your money in US currency, $20 bills are best (bills should be in excellent shape, not torn, smudged, written on or missing corners) ATM’s are readily available in San Juan del Sur and Major cities but definitely not in rural areas.  Credit card machines require a telephone connection and electricity so they aren’t always available. travelers checks will only be changed in major city banks and will cost you about 5% to 10% fee, not to mention the reluctant banking agent who will take care of this lengthy process. In short, keep some cash on you at all times cause you never know when you will access to your bank account again.

Driving and Directions

Can I drive in Nicaragua with my foreign license?

A: Yes all foreigners have the right to drive with a foreign license for 30 days in Nicaragua. please always carry either your passport or a color photocopy of your passport with you while driving in the country. interested in getting a license? click here for more information.

Will I get stopped by the police while driving in Nicaragua?

A: Just like any other Nicaraguan, you probably will. Why? because you are probably driving a rental vehicle with a license plate with a number between 100 and 115 thousand, which is the license plate numbers given to most rental vehicles in the country. Make sure the rental car company gives you a valid insurance card, registration and mechanical inspection certificate. Police may also ask you for a fire extinguisher and 2 sets of triangles to be used when you get a flat tire.

How to do I get to San Juan del Sur from Managua Airport?

A: There are a variety of modes of Transportation. Please  keep in mind that there are virtually no transit signals in Nicaragua. If you like to drive yourself, please click here for a specific instructions that will show you the way.

VISA & Customs

As a foreigner, how long can I stay in Nicaragua?

A: As a foreigner, you must pay attention to the stamp put in your passport when you arrive in country. Most people are given a 30 to 90 day Visa. For every day a foreigner stay in country past their Visa permit, there is a $1 or $2 Dollars charge per day which accumulates.

Real Estate

Can foreigners own Property in Nicaragua?

A: Yes, foreigners have the same legal rights as Nicaraguan citizens to own property. Please ensure that you are speaking to a reputable agent who works for a formal office to avoid any misunderstandings. There are a variety of classifications of property such as Concession, Private Dominion, Public Private Property and Public Public Property. make sure you understand what you are purchasing prior to have any monies exchange hands.

Food and Water

Can I get sick from drinking the water in Nicaragua?

A: To be honest, it depends on where in Nicaragua you are and where the water came from. Sometimes, people get sick due to lack of hygiene and not the water itself. It also depends on your personal digestive system. If you are not an avid traveler, stick to professionally bottled water and avoid any uncooked fruits and veggies that do not have a think peal like bananas and oranges. Please stay away from Avocadoes and other fruits with a creamy consistency as these are usually high in local bacteria which is exactly what starts the”war” in your digestive system. If you begin to feel a bit under the weather, drink lots of lime Gatorade, homemade is better, and chug the first two as quickly as possible. The wooziness is usually due to a bit of dehydration that you probably didn’t even consider as a factor.