Driving from MGA Airport to SJDS

So I bet you are thinking of driving to San Juan del Sur from the airport by yourself. Just remember, driving in Nicaragua can be considered an adventure in of itself.  With little to no road signage, poorly maintained vehicles, livestock and random people on the road, it’s no wonder your drive in Nicaragua could be one of the first adventures your experience while on Vacation here. But no worries, we have written detailed instructions on how to get here for you to follow. We highly recommend you print out your Maps and Instructions for driving in Nicaragua prior to your arrival.

Just please be aware of the live stock and dogs on the road… Yes, it’s normal around here.

From the Airport in Managua to San Juan del Sur

  1. Coming out of the airport you will make a right. The are usually cops just a couple of kilometers outside the airport so drive slowly (80 km) and stay in your lane.
  2. Take this road (you will pass a 3 point “round about” you will go 2/3 around and stay on the wider road until you reach the town “Tipitapa” – I suggest you stay on the road till you see the big gas station, then turn right
  3. Once in Tipitapa, you will cross and intersection, just go straight to head towards the town of “Masaya”
  4. You will drive about 25 mins before you come to a “T” turn left to head Southeast and go through “Masaya”
  5. You may see a “Papa John’s Pizza sign on the left right as you turn here. Drive about 4 km through traffic and after you pass the “PALI” on your right hand side you will come to a 3 way round about, turn right at the round about to go towards Catarina
  6. Drive another 15 mins through hills with curves and most likely 18 wheelers going slowly up the hills until you get to Catarina (a small town known for its flowers) where you will come to yet another roundabout which splits 3 ways, make sure to go around 2/3 of the way to keep heading southeast towards Mombacho.
  7. You will pass by a couple of small towns (San Juan de Oriente, Diria & Diriomo which are also known as pueblos Blancos and known for their crafts and many hand made products).
  8. Afterwards, you will get towards Volcan Mombacho; veer right to at the fork on the road which takes you to Nandaime.
  9. When you are close to Nandaime veer left in the fork, to take a left and go through Nandiame. this road will now take you straight to Rivas.
  10. Once you reach Rivas you will continue south on the same road (Panamerican highway)
  11. You will go through Rivas and pass it completely. Once you begin to see the wind mills next to the lake pay attention to the right hand side of the road as you will see a sign to take a right to San Juan del Sur along the road
  12. Make a right in the fork which takes you to San Juan del Sur and drive another 15 minutes to head West until you reach the town and the ocean.
To arrive at the RE/MAX Coastal Properties Office in San Juan del Sur, as you come into town, go straight till you hit the water (Palapa restaurants on the beach) then turn left to head South. Drive 2 blocks and turn left again to head East. Drive another 2 block and you will see us on the first corner of the Cetral Park.