Community Outreach

Donations & Giving to the Community

Thank you for your random acts of kindness, it is people like you that make a difference in communities like San Juan del Sur. It’s incredible what a community outreach program can achieve. Click here for a list of items that are greatly appreciated by more than one person in need.

Comunidad Connect 

This is one of the few foundations in town with 3 – year round programs. This organization provides much-needed services to the community focusing on growth from within.

  • Campo Verde a.k.a. Green Countryside is dedicated to environmental conservation.
  • Parque Deportivo a.k.a. Sports Park the most visible program  ”provides a place for youth to socialize and congregate all around sports”
  • Sustainable Tourism, this program maximizes the benefits and minimizes the detriments of tourism on these three areas
Other well-known out reach programs include:

Biblioteca Movil

A great project working closely with the community, bringing books and the culture of reading to San Juan del Sur!

A. Jean Brugger Foundation

with a variety of programs focusing a great part of their effort to everything concerning education and more.

Fundacion Tierra