ABC’s of San Juan del Sur

Always looking to provide useful information, the ABC’s of San Juan del Sur is the easiest way we have found! Let me know if you’d like us to add additional information on a certain topic.

Happy Hours


  • Take it Easy Monday at Timon
  • Trivia Night at Big wave Dave


  • Poker Night AT Big Wave Dave


  • Cultural Dance and Food at Pelican Eyes La Canoa


  • Cerveceria live music
  • Cultural Dance at Timon


  • Friday Night Jazz at Big Wave Dave



  • Sunday Funday grab your tickets on Saturday at Pachamama


A – ATV Tours, Animals of Nicaragua, Art Stores, Activities List

B – Boating, Bicycling, Birds, Bars, Bean Toss Tournaments, Beer, Book Store, Beach Fun Rentals, Buggies

C – Catamaran Tours, Canopy Tours, Casinos, Cultural Presentations, Camping, Cash or Credit Cards?, Corn Hole Tournaments, Coffee Shops, Chocolate Factory, Cigars, Community Outreach Programs, Communidad Connect

D – Dancing, Diving, Dolphins, Day Trips, Driving, Donations, Directions from MGA to SJDS, Doctors, Dune Buggies

E – Exploring Virgin Beaches, Emergency Care, Events, Favorites

F – Foods, Fishing Tour, Farmers Market, Fish Market, Flying Frog

G – Guides for Tours, Grocery Stores

H – Horseback Riding, Hiking, Helicopter Rides, Happy Hours, Hostels, Holidays, Hotels, Health Care

I – Interpretors, Instructors for surf

J – Jogging, Jesus Statue

K – Kite Surfing

L – Live Music, Library, Lessons for Surf

M – Massages, Mountain Hiking, Movie Nights, Markets, Medical Services, Money

N – Night Fishing, Nicaragua

O – Open Mic Night

P – Pub Crawls, Poker Nights

Q – Quad Tours

R – Restaurants, Rappelling, Real Estate Tours, Retiring in Nicaragua, Rum a.k.a. Ron Flor de Cana, Rancho Chilamate, Residency

S – Surfing! Snorkeling, Surfing lessons, Scuba Diving, Spa Treatments, Spanish Schools, Scorpions, Schools, Salons, Shuttle Service

T – Taxis, Turtle Tour, Trivia Night, Teacher Training, Transportation, Tournaments, Translators, Tours List

U – Ukulele Store, Ultimate Corn Hole Tournaments

V – Vacation Rentals, Volcanoe Hiking, Volcanoe Boarding, Volunteering

W – Weather, Weddings, Whale Watching

X – Xylophone a.k.a. “The Marimba”

Y – Yoga, Yawning on a hammock and enjoying the view =)

Z – Zip Line Tour